Customize Robert – Graphical steps

A little step by step for the customization of robert
Hope you like it !

1. Sketch Research

2. Draw each part with photoshop and flash for Robert ingame

3. Result inGame & inShop

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2 réflexions au sujet de « Customize Robert – Graphical steps »

  1. Sam
    30 septembre 2013 à 8 h 38 min

    This was a very interesting read regarding the customizable hats of Robert – I’ll be doing the art for something similar in the game I’m working on with my partner, so this was a fantastic insight into what I can expect!

    Plus I had to add, simply gorgeous art!

    1. Alex
      30 septembre 2013 à 9 h 09 min

      Thanks Sam, for the first comment on Holy Owl web site and for the congrats !
      I’m really happy if is inspired you 🙂

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