Indie Game : The Movie

I just watch Indie Game : The Movie, a movie to watch when you want to become an independant game developer, i think. It’s very well filmed and the différent succes story are intressting !

This movie give me this sensations after watching it :
– I feel blue in my current developement somtimes, ok it’s normal.
– I just redo 3 times the gameplay and i’m not satisfied, ok it’s normal.
– I work on my curent project since februrary it’s long for a litle casual game, ok it’s normal.
– It’s hard to become an indie developer, ok it’s normal

I know i can’t complain about myself, it’s just a casual games i trying to do .
I have a work at 80% how give me money for eat .
It’s just difficult, to haven’t so mutch time to work on my projects, and desert my social life .
But i realy like what i’m trying to construct actually.
Casual game it’s just a good way for me!

So as you see, if you trying to become an indie game developer, this movie give you the opportunity to interrogate about your self and your curent projects.
Watch it !! -> Indie Game : The Movie

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