Start of Holy Owl Studio

Before Holy Owl Studio, I started my little indie career with a small game Mad Lab and the Suguss as Infinity Lab Games. This game was made just for fun and see if I can develop a game by myself.
This first project give me the desire to continue to make small games and hope to become an indie developer at full-time.
So I created A new Studio with more ambition. I decided to pass at 80% in my current job and start in February 2013 a new game « The adventure of Robert the scarecrow ».
Now the end of the project arrive and y decide to go out of my autism, and share about this adventure.
Glad to announce the launch of our new web-site, with a blog, a rip work page, and some goodies coming soon.
I hope You will enjoy to visit this website!
And share it, if you like!
Thanks for reading


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